Chris Styles

Chris Styles

Chris graduated from Imperial College in 1996 and spent the first 5 years of his career freelancing in various design roles from PCB to SoC, mostly in areas of 3D graphics and GSM Baseband, gaining broad experience.

After joining ARM in 2002 Chris spent 5 years working in application engineering, providing design support and onsite technical training for ARMs IP customers, helping licensees accelerate successful SoC designs.

In 2006, Chris started collaborating with Simon Ford (ARM Research) on some ideas around online tools for micro controller development. ARMs Cortex-M architecture was set to make ARM technology relevant in the MCU space, as mass market tools were to become a key ingredient. In 2009 the mbed platform was launched with NXP as the lead MCU partner, and it has since grown to become a multi-partner platform covering a diverse range of technologies, all with a focus on product design.

In 2013 ARM combined the growing mbed team with its new acquisition, Sensinode, to form the basis of its IoT strategy, where Chris leads application engineering and ecosystem development.