Rigels Gordani

Rigels Gordani

Linux Embedded Engineer

I am involved in HW/SW integration and testing activities with Magneti Marelli S.p.A. - Infotainment & Telematics; in particular I am focused at BSP/Driver level of a GENIVI-compliant Infotainment and Navigation platform for BMW. Constantly I am collaborating and supporting suppliers and clients like Wind River, NVIDIA , HARMAN, WIPRO etc. I have gained new skills about systemd (a replacement for the System V init daemon for GNU/Linux), DBus, Udev, SPI, I2C, CAN and MOST bus, EDIABAS. Some of the activities include:

--- Boot up initialization of the SPI interfaces as Master/Slave for different hardware versions of Tegra 2 Soc.
--- Modifications of systemd service files in order to achieve correct dependencies and timings.
--- Kernel optimization in order to reduce the boot time.
--- Setup of the Audio and Bluetooth Codecs via I2C bus.
--- Smoke Tests.
--- Navigation testing and simulation.
--- Diagnostic tests.
--- Bluetooth drivers and services testing and validation.
--- WLAN performance testing.
--- Code review for software components.
--- Documentation of tests using web applications.
--- Static analysis of Linux Kernel and Userpace source code using Parasoft C++ Test 9.4 (http://www.parasoft.com/cpptest)
--- Usage of GENIVI DltViewer in order to analyze AUTOSAR DLT logs arriving from the Infotainment and Automotive software components
--- Usage of EDIABAS tool for Diagnostics.
--- Usage of E-Sys tool for ECU programming.
--- Runtime power management of Video codec.
--- Integration of Tuxera exFAT filesystem on kernel 2.6.x and 3.x.
--- Clean up of UDEV rules and files in order to have an optimised embededd system boot.
--- Bootchart and systemd in order to verify timming and synchronization of services.
--- Kernel and User Space profiling with LTTng (Linux Trace Toolkit - next generation).


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