Peculiarities of web interfaces for resource constrained embedded systems

IoT (Internet of Things) connects the physical world to the Internet.
The next logical step is enabling the connected physical world to speak
the same language. HTTP is the major communication platform of the Internet.

Low cost, low power embedded boards are resource-constrained systems,
which do not provide sufficient performance and memory space for
standard web server implementations. The author will propose a number of
techniques that will allow you to run modern web interfaces on embedded
systems with a few hundred kilobytes of flash and some tens of kilobytes
of RAM.

After looking at few free and Open Source TCP/IP stacks, file systems
and RTOSes, the author will show by example how on-the-fly streaming and
function-based CGI helps to provide dynamic web content with minimal
resource allocation. New web standards like HTML5, CSS3 or SVG provide
further help to create usable and appealing web interfaces with minimal
resources on the server side. Last not least, HTTP-based machine to
machine communication and JSON formatted data combined with mashup
technology allows to integrate tiny devices into a new WoT (Web of Things).

Edizione 2014 nella track Track1.


60 minuti
cgi css3 svg rtos HTML5 tcpip